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Granite Counter Support Brackets

Granite Counter Support Bracket

Granite Counter Support Brackets support the overhang on Granite top Islands and bars without corbels or other visible support.

Load Rating: A pair of brackets support up to 300 lbs. when mounted correctly to an appropriate surface. The Heavy Duty brackets will support up to 500 lbs.

Material: Plate Steel

Product Features:
3/16” – ¼” and ¾” Thick
12” – 16” – 24” and 30” lengths

Drilled for countersunk screws up to #14 flat head

Granite Counter Support Brackets

Available Sizes

Part No.Part DescriptionDimensionNet Weight Kg.Box Qty.
B08-CT012-2K412" 3/16"T, BLACK FIN3/16"T X 3.5"W X 12"L1.00612
B08-CT016-2K416" 3/16"T, BLACK FIN3/16"T X 3.5"W X 16"L1.34212
B08-CT024-2K424" 3/16"T, BLACK FIN3/16"T X 3.5"W X 24"L2.0138
B08-CT030-2K430" 3/4"T, BLACK FIN3/4"T X 3/4"W X 30"L2.1578
B08-CTH12-2K4HD 12" ¼"T, BLACK FIN1/4"T X 3.5"W X 12"L1.34212
B08-CTH16-2K4HD 16" 3/8"T, BLK FIN3/8"T X 3.5"W X 16"L2.6846
B08-CTH24-2K4HD 24" 3/8"T, BLK FIN3/8"T X 3.5"W X 24"L4.0266
B08-CTH30-2K4HD 30" 3/8"T, BLK FIN3/8"T X 3.5"W X 30"L5.0324


Attach two support studs to the top of cabinets at the back panel and where the end of the support bracket falls.

Use a router to cut a dado deep enough for the support bracket to lay flush with the top of the support studs. Be sure that the support bracket will be flush with the bottom of the countertop and the top of the stud. The bracket must make full contact with the bottom of the counter top.

Attach the Granite Counter Support Bracket to the support studs using a minimum of four screws. Screws should be a minimum of 1.5” long. Do not overhand more than 2/3 of the bracket. A minimum of 1/3 of the bracket must be mounted inside the cabinet. The countertop must be resting of the Support Bracket.

Brackets should be mounted every 16” for proper weight bearing effectiveness.

Overhang beyond the Support Bracket should not exceed 6”. Check with the counter manufacturer for their overhang recommendations.

Apply adhesive to both the counter top and the Support Bracket when mounting the counter top.

Granite Counter Support Brackets

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Granite Counter Support Brackets

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